Father Ray Children's Home

We are very proud of one of our young ladies from the Children's Home.
Gik is currently studying for a degree in Nursing at Chiang Mai, a long long way from Pattaya, and after three years of study, and with one final year to go, she recently attended a ceremony where she received her nurse's hat.
Unfortunately Gik's twin sister could not be at the ceremony, as she is studying at Chonburi University, also for a degree in Nursing.1013816_629735020438010_1300435680771557839_n 10334469_629734977104681_4065092683399171923_n 10351613_629735057104673_2139423083745047693_n 10368229_629735320437980_8631701109794803991_n 10384834_629734917104687_6875321615048130208_n 10410800_629734860438026_3178069480197136824_n