Father Ray Foundation


The Annual YWCA Fun Run was raced yesterday in Pattaya, and fifty children from the Father Ray Foundation took part.

Ten children each from the Children’s Village and Drop-In Center, along with thirty from the Children’s Home, joined hundreds of children from the local area to run three kilometers along the sandy beach.

Prior to the race starting there was an exhibition from a local Kung-Fu school, but most of the racers were taking cover in the shade from the heat. Fortunately by the time the race started at 5pm, the sun was dipping and it was starting to cool down.

The older boys race was first to start, and the boys from the Home were like greyhounds as they sprinted into the lead. Unfortunately they peaked too soon, with our best placed boy coming in fourth place.

The other children started off fast, but running on the soft sand is not easy, so many crossed the finish line as if they were taking a leisurely stroll.

Of all the children from the Father Ray Foundation who raced, the fastest to finish the race were three teenager boys from the Children’s Home.

But it was a ‘Fun Run’ and even though the children were exhausted, and had no chance of winning they all smiled as the finish line came into sight.


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