Father Ray Children's Home


The children were excited, the food was all ready, the flames had been stoked, the musicians were all tuned up, the birthday cakes were on display and the guests from Mayfields School had arrived for the bi-monthly birthday party at the Father Ray Children’s Home.

What could possibly go wrong? A power cut.

Just as the birthday party was about to start, a very large lorry passed the Home and tried to go under a very low arch, knocking out all electricity in the local area.

No problem, said the children, after all they were having barbecue for dinner and cooking it themselves over a coal fire.

Pieces of chicken, pork and chicken livers, together with a bowl of eggs, dried noodles and vegetables had been laid on each table, water was added to the barbecue pot and the food is dipped into the water and cooked.

Candles were lit and torches were shining which allowed the children to see what they were doing and once dinner was over it was time to party.

Candles on the birthday cakes were lit, and a chorus of Happy Birthday was sung before there was rush by the boys to see who could blow out the most candles.

Birthday gifts were presented to the children by Father Peter and the teachers from Mayfields School, the musicians got everyone singing and just as the party was coming to the end, when everyone was saying farewell to the guests and goodnight to their friends, the electricity came back on.

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