Father Ray Foundation


On the afternoon of Wednesday 6th August, contestants of the 2014 Miss Universe New Zealand Pageant arrived at the Father Ray Foundation as part of their whirlwind tour of Thailand.

During their time in the Land of Smiles the young ladies visited the tourist spots of Bangkok and took a cookery lesson before making their way to Pattaya.

Upon arriving at the Father Ray Foundation, the visitors from New Zealand were greeted by Fathers Peter and Michael, the President and Vice President of the Foundation, who presented welcome garlands of orchids to the Miss Universe contestants.

The contestants were accompanied to Pattaya by the Thai Ambassador to New Zealand, His Excellency Mr. Noppadol Thephitak, and executives from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

The visitors were invited to take a seat before receiving a second welcome garland, this time from the children and students of the Father Ray Foundation, before Father Peter gave a welcome speech.

The first performance of the afternoon was from the toddlers who attend the Father Ray Day Care Center, who danced a routine about a little caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

The second performance of the afternoon came from a group of wheelchair using students from the Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities.

But it was the final performance from the choir at the Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind who sang two songs, Amazing Grace and You are my sunshine, that touched the hearts of the visitors.

But no sooner had the visitors arrived and it was time to go on to their next scheduled appointment, but not before a few photos were taken and the ladies laid flowers on the statue of Father Ray, as the Foundation is commemorating the 11th anniversary of his passing this month.

The final of the 2014 Miss Universe New Zealand Pageant takes place on the 18th of September in Wellington and we wish all the contestants the best of luck.

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