Father Ray Children’s Village

Just outside Pattaya, on the road to Sri Racha, are several large government run complexes housing ladies with disabilities, a boys home and several large houses for the elderly.

Many of the elderly residents are without any family who are able to care for them; there is a large number suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, while others are in need of twenty four hour support from the nursing staff.

The elderly residents receive few, if any, visitors. Children and grandchildren are often too busy, too far away or just can’t be bothered to visit, so it can become a very lonely time for a person who in their younger days was the center of their family, who worked hard and who lived a good life.

The youngsters from the Father Ray Children’s Village recently visited the elderly residents and spent several hours in their company

For the children it was an occasion to perform their song and dance routines in front of an enthusiastic audience and also spend time with a section of the population that they would not normally meet.

For the elderly men and women it was an afternoon of fun, dancing and being fussed over by children young enough to be their grandchildren or even great-grandchildren.

The afternoon’s entertainment started with the children dancing to the ’Birdie Song’, which meant things could only get better.

The children were very surprised to discover that, after helping push the residents in their wheelchairs, many were very able to stand and even join in the dancing when hearing a song they knew and liked.

As the day came to an end, there were lots of hugs as the residents bade farewell to their new young friends.


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