Father Ray Center for Children with Special Needs

Many of the young children attending the weekly therapy session at the Father Ray Center for Children with Special Needs are accompanied by one or two grandparents. For many of these grandparents they have raised their own children, said farewell to them as they went off to start their own families and were hoping for an easy time as they reach their old age.

But in many cases a child with special needs must have 24 hour care, something a parent is not always able to offer, mainly due to long working hours and a lack of day or residential care.

While the child may be unaware of his own condition, unable to perform an act independently, even eating or going to the toilet is not something they are able to do, it is down to the grandparent to ensure the child is as comfortable as possible.

It is hard work, but the grandparents do what they can for their grandchild because they love them.

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