Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities

At a ceremony which took place on the first Saturday of December, sixty students from the Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities received their graduation certificates.

On arrival at the school in 2012 the students were offered a variety of courses to study; Informational Technology, Electronic Repair, Business English and Informal Education.

After two years of study the students they have learned new skills and gained knowledge, but they have also gained confidence and their self-esteem has grown.

Students at the school come from all over the Kingdom. One such student was thirty year old Jim who arrived at the school in 2012 on what looked like a home made go-kart. Disabled since the age of two, he is unable to sit upright and although no primary or secondary school would accept him, he managed to attend classes at an Informal Education Center. At the Vocational School he studied Information Technology, successfully graduated and is now employed at a local hospital in his home province of Chumphon.

Almost three thousand students have graduated from the school since it first opened its doors in 1984. Not only have they gone on to find employment, they are being treated as equals, earning equal salaries and with equal rights.

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