Father Ray Children’s Home

On a recent visit to Pattaya, the 2014 Euroformula Open Champion, Thai born Sandy Stuvik, could not resist a visit to the Easy Kart race track where he met thirty teenagers from the Father Ray Children’s Home.

While this nineteen year old could be described as one of the fastest teenagers in the world, many of the teenagers he met that day were nervous about sitting in a go-kart and racing around a track. But Sandy met with everyone while they were sitting in their karts, giving words of advice and calming several down.

It seems many of the boys from the Children’s Home took his advice as they sped around the race track, overtaking each other and all hoping to be the one who is announced the fasted around the course.

But there was one young man who surprised everyone with how fast he drove. Normally a very shy teenager, give him a crash helmet, sit him in a go-kart and he was like a bat out of hell.
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