Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities

The final event of every school term is for those students who will be leaving the school.

After two years they have studied hard and it is now time to leave the school and go out into the world to work.

Each student, teacher and volunteer is holding a lighted candle, and when the lights are turned off a microphone is passed from one to another and each student reflects on their time at the school.

There are times when a student recalls a funny story, which has everyone laughing. But there are some students who speak from the heart about what the school has done for them and it can become very emotional.

Once the lights are switched back on the teachers and volunteers tie white pieces of string on the wrists of the students, to wish them the best of luck.

It is always a sad time saying farewell to the students, but we know they are now more than capable of going off into the world and enjoying their lives.

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