Father Ray Foundation

After watching on TV the devastation following the recent earthquakes in Nepal, one of our young residents asked if there was any way she could help the children in Nepal.

That question led to last night’s event, Pattaya Cares for Nepal, on Pattaya’s famous Walking Street.

Children from the Children’s Home and our blind and disabled students came together for an evening of entertainment which at times brought Walking Street to a standstill.

The evening started with a rendition of ‘We Are the World’, the 1985 charity single originally performed by the likes of Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and Diana Ross.  Traditional Thai dancers, Muay Thai fighters and the choir from the School for the Blind drew large crowds which caused huge crowds to gather.

Earlier in the day the young adults studying at the Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities, many of whom are living on a pension of 500 Baht per month, all made a donation and the residents of the Children’s Home gave a donation from their pocket money.

Local Thais, expats and holidaymakers all dipped deep into their pockets to make a donation, and all money raised will go to help support the Nepalese children and people with disabilities affected by the recent disaster.

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