Father Ray Children’s Home

More than two hundred children from the Home, Village and Drop-In Center gathered together last night to celebrate the birthdays of all those born in May and June

Dinner was delicious; roast chicken with a chili sauce, pork soup, fried chicken, pork with basil and rice. Followed by ice-cream, fresh fruit and, of course, birthday cake.

There was singing and dancing, karaoke and so much sugary drinks it was a surprise any of them could sleep at allĀ IMG_5989_resize IMG_5957_resize IMG_5958_resize IMG_5925_resize IMG_5965_resize IMG_5933_resize IMG_5915_resize IMG_5955_resize IMG_5935_resize IMG_5973_resize IMG_6018_resize IMG_6039_resize IMG_6017_resize IMG_5929_resize IMG_5978_resize IMG_5919_resize IMG_6000_resize IMG_6046_resize IMG_5972_resize IMG_6041_resize IMG_5954_resize IMG_5993_resize IMG_5994_resize IMG_5962_resize IMG_6004_resize