Father Ray Day Care Center

Another public holiday has arrived, this time the end of Buddhist Lent, or Asanha Bucha Day, following the three month period when monks are confined to their temples.

The end of Buddhist Lent brings devotees to their local temples, and from the smallest to the largest there is a constant stream of worshippers arriving to present alms to the monks and receive a blessing in return.

The toddlers from the Father Ray Day Care Center, accompanied by many parents and our volunteers, traveled to the nearby Huay Yai Temple where they were met by the Abbot.

While chanting prayers, the monks, followed by the visitors, paraded three times around the temple, before entering the main temple and receiving gifts from the toddlers and their families.

Holy water was sprinkled and the children received a blessing and also an amulet or a prayer flag. The monks also tied white string onto wrists, giving them all a further blessing.


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