Father Ray Children’s Village

For the 10 boys from the Children’s Village who are currently living as novice monks at the local Buddhist temple, they have to follow ten strict rules.

One of these rules is that they must not eat after 12 noon. No dinner, no snacks, nothing.

So lunch is the last meal of the day and each day different people, mainly families, come to provide lunch for the boys and today was our turn.

We ordered a large barbecued pig, spicy papaya salad and sticky rice, and the aroma of the pig could be smelled all over the temple grounds.

But several other families also arrived with food which was almost forced onto the boys, whether they wanted it or not; sausages and French fries, then the pizzas arrived, dozens of them. Lunch would not be lunch without ice-cream and all finished off with a bag of potato crisps.

Once it was all eaten there was only one thing left to do, and afternoon nap!