Father Ray Day Care Center

After two years of study, and an awful lot of play, almost thirty toddlers recently graduated from the Father Ray Day Care Center and are all off to big school.

They arrivedĀ for the ceremony in their brand new uniforms from their brand new school and they all looked very smart. They had grown a few centimeters since we last saw them two months ago, but there was also something different about them; they were all very shy, to start of with. They didn’t seem too sure if they recognized any of their teachers or the volunteers who used to teach them English, and none of them seemed very interested in playing with their former classmates.

But off to school they must go, and they are all enrolled in Kindergarden Grade 1, all at school throughout the city. They will have to do three years of kindergarden, six years of junior school and a further six years of high school, and if they want to go on to university, well that’s another three or four years!

Good luck to them all