Father Ray Children’s Home

Our usual two-monthly birthday parties were cancelled following the death in October last year of His Majesty the late King of Thailand.

But seven months later we held a birthday party to celebrate all the children who have had birthdays in the months from October┬álast year to May this year. And not just from the Children’s Home, but also the Children’s Village, Drop-In Center and the School for the Blind; that is a lot of children.

As usual we started with dinner, and as usual there was a huge choice and plenty of it. But as the meal came to an end the music got louder, the children performed dance routines, the noise got louder and then it was time to light the candles on top of the four birthday cakes.

Father Peter gave out birthday presents or envelopes containing cash to the children and then once again the volume of the music was turned up, the dancing started and the evening continued to get louder and louder, but it was a great evening.