Members of the International Tennis Lovers Club, lead by one of its founding members, Mark Kolenberg, spent time recently at the Father Ray Foundation to encourage the children to not only take an interest in the game of tennis but also to become more active and lead a healthier life.

Also in attendance was Danai Udomchoke, former Thai No. 2 tennis player, gold medal winner at both the Asian Games and the South East Asian Games, and a player who has played on the clay at Roland-Garros and the grass at Wimbledon. Danai passed on his advice to the children and students, including offering invaluable advice to members of the wheelchair tennis team.

Tom Marshall, former Davis Cup player from Iceland, also spent time coaching the children, while Renaud Cazillac and his team from Greta Farm & Greta Sports Club introduced the children to the new game of Beach Tennis, and also provided much needed sustenance in the form of pancakes and home made strawberry jam. .

While more than one hundred children and students were learning new skills on the tennis court, another two hundred children and students were watching a magic show by the incomparable Dr. Penguin.

For more than an hour the amazing magician astounded the children, young and old, with his skills and there were many watching with confused looks on their faces as they tried to understand just how Dr. Penguin did what he did.

Late morning when the tennis coaching clinic and the magic show were over the children and students were introduced to Prof. Dr. Kalaya Kijboonchoo from Mahidol University. Dr. Kalaya gave a speech on nutrition, letting the children know the foods they should be eating and the foods that they should be eating less of.

Sport is not just about playing the game or running the race, it involves discipline and good nutrition, something that the children and students at the Father Ray Foundation now have a better knowledge of.