Father Ray Children’s Home

It was the party to celebrate all birthday in August, September and October, as well as celebrating Halloween and saying farewell to our visitors from Sacred Heart School in London, so you can only imagine the fun that was had and the noise that was made.

It started quiet, with dinner, spaghetti with meat sauce, barbecue kebabs, spicy som tam salad and of course, lots and lots of sugary drinks, then it started to get loud

Our visitors and friends from Sacred Heart School in South London arrived and then it was time for all the children from all the projects, and from London to perform. No Halloween party would be complete without a dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and that was before the candles on the cakes were lit

Father Peter took some time to present gifts to all the children who have a birthday over the three months, not just from the Children’s Home, but also the Village and the Drop-In Center, and our friends from Sacred Heart School.

The children also sang, danced, gave a Muay Thai boxing exhibition, and then the DJ turned up the volume and all we can say is that we thankfully have no neighbours to complain about the noise. A good time, a great time was had by all.