Father Ray Foundation

It is always busy here at the Father Ray Foundation at Christmas time.

We started of the festive season at the Vocational School where all the students, no matter their age or religion received a gift.

Then the Christmas carols started which saw a total of seven different groups of our children and students visiting local hotels and department stores to sing for the guests.

Early Christmas morning and the children up at the Village were given a very special Christmas breakfast, ice-cream and doughnuts. At the same time the youngsters at the Day Care Center were welcoming Father Christmas, though a few small children ran and hid when he arrived.

Lunch time and the children from the Children’s Home visited a local fish restaurant for what has become known as the best meal of the year, but don’t tell our cook

Christmas is a special time of the year and it becomes more special each year here at the Foundation and it is always wonderful to watch our children enjoy themselves