Father Ray Children’s Home

There was a lot of preparation that went into the end of year party at the Children’s Home. Not only were they celebrating Christmas and New Year, but there were 14 children celebrating birthdays.

The basketball court was the venue, and mats were placed on the ground and the children sat waiting for the food to arrive. This year they had requested ‘hot-pot’, a Thai way of eating where the food is cooked in a pot of stock over a fire. The older university students were home and it was their job to¬† serve the food and also to make sure that no one burned themselves. Chicken, kidneys, lard, clams, intestines, crab sticks, fish balls and piles and piles of veg were delivered to each group of children and it went silent for a few minutes as they ate.

The candles on five birthday cakes were lit, we all sang Happy Birthday and then it was time to give out the gifts, for Christmas, New Year and also for birthdays. Everyone received a gift of some sort, and everyone received new blankets and sheets for their bed as well as clothing and a tin of Oreo’s. They will all, well most of them, also receive a brand new pair of Levi jeans which were recently donated.

Then it was time for the volume of the music to be raised and they danced until it was time to light the fireworks at midnight. Happy New & Year everyone