Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities

The final event of the school year at the Vocational School is for the students who have completed their studies and are leaving the school.

As usual all the students, staff and volunteers were dressed in white, and they all sat in a large circle and to start the ceremony Father Michael presented each of the students with a garland made of jasmine flowers.

The lights were then turned off and a candle was lit which in turn lit all the candles that each student and teacher was holding. For one hour, and still in the dark, a microphone was passed from person to person and each teacher and volunteer wished the graduating students the best of luck for the future.

In turn the students thanked the school for what it has given them, not just the education, but giving them a chance to become confident young men and women. It is an emotional ceremony, but one which the students enjoy as it gives them a chance to say how they feel.

Once everyone had spoken the lights were turned on, cameras were pulled out of pockets and handbags and everyone took selfies of themselves and their classmates.

They are now ready to go into the world and join the workforce, as equals; we wish them the very best of luck.