Father Ray Day Care Center

The Thai New Year festival of Songkran takes place around the Kingdom of Thailand from the 13th to the 15th of April. For three days people all over the country join in the fun. They visit temples and wash the statues of the Buddha to make sure everything is clean for the coming year.

They pay respects to the elders by pouring scented water over their hands and in return they receive a blessing and a sprinkling of water.

Here in Pattaya the festival usually starts on the 12th and culminates in a huge water fight on the 19th. This year however, we started early at the Day Care Center, actually we started on the 5th as many children will be away when the main holidays start.

Many parents arrived and they all took part in the ceremony with their children who were all dressed in their brightest and most colourful shirts; here in Thailand we all were colourful shirts on Songkran. Father Peter and Father Anthony sat while water was poured over their hands, but some of the children disn’t appreciate having water sprinkled over their heads; they’ll soon grow to love this festival, especially all the water fights.

Happy New Year everyone