Father Ray Children’s Home and Village

At the Children’s Home and the Children’s Village the children went off to school on the morning of the 15th May, and I have always made a point of being at the Home on the first day of the new school year. There is something very special about seeing the children in their brand new school uniform; most are a perfect fit but some will take some time before they fit properly.

Eleven youngsters from the Home and a further nineteen from the Village, including ten new youngsters, left earlier than everyone else as they have further to travel to their private school. All have received scholarships, and all will have to study hard to stay at the school, but if they can stay at the school until graduation then their chances of being accepted into university is greatly increased. Waiting for the school bus to arrive the new students were trying to remain calm but it was obvious to see how nervous they were.

Now that it has been upgraded to a school all the children had to wear formal school uniform, and while I thought the blind children were excited to be back nothing could prepare me for seeing all the special needs children again.

The peace and quiet of the summer holidays was definitely over and the noise was deafening. They were so excited to be back, and there were not enough mirrors in the whole building for all the children to look at themselves in their new uniforms.

Morning prayers was more like a fashion show, with everyone eyeing each other up, and calling out to friends. One little boy was told off several times as he kept shouting to all the teachers to ‘look at me, am I handsome?’