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Anyone who has ever visited Thailand will be aware of the obsession Thai’s have with football. While the national team may never make it to the finals of the Asian Games or the World Cup competition, the enthusiasm the locals have for the game is incredible. The Father Ray Children’s Home recently welcomed two Global […]

Memorial Mass for Father Ray was held on the evening of 16th August at St. Nikolaus Church, the church where he was once parish priest and where he is buried. As the Mass came to an end, and once the final note of the final hymn was sung, the priests led a procession to Father […]

Today, the 16th August, we remember and celebrate the life of our founder, Father Ray Brennan C.Ss.R. on the 15th anniversary of his death. At 6 o’clock this morning nine Buddhist monks from a local temple arrived to receive alms from our children and students and by doing so they make merit for Father Ray.

At the Children’s Village the children were up early to give alms of food to the local monks from a nearby temple. But it was in the evening that most of the celebrations took place. At eight o’clock all the children from the Village and Home joined people throughout the country by standing in front […]