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Father Ray Foundation Whilst countries in the European Union worry about the most recent health scare, this time E-Coli affecting fresh fruit and vegetables, here at the Father Ray Foundation there is no panic. Up at the Father Ray Children’s Village a piece of land has been given over to Farmer Daeng. After spending most […]

Father Ray Children’s Home Whilst most people have cats and dogs as pets, up at the Father Ray Children’s Home several of the younger boys have chickens as their pets. The boys visit the chickens each day, and even though many think all the birds look alike our boys know which is their pet. Unfortunately […]

Father Ray Children’s Home A trip to the large private hospital was going to be a great day out, or so the young boys from the Father Ray Children’s Home thought. As the passed through the doors the children were greeted by the receptionist who accompanied them upstairs to the very plush waiting room. One […]

Father Ray Foundation The local Regents School is a great supporter of the work of the Father Ray Foundation. Each year the students organise many different fund raising activities and recently they decided to do a sponsored event which would see the students covering the distance from Pattaya to Peru. The reason why Peru was […]

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