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Father Ray Children’s Home Buddhist Lent begins in Thailand, which will see the monks returning to their temples for three months of meditation and contemplation. To make merit devotees offer alms to the monks, including an offering of large candles. This tradition of large candles goes back many years before most temples were wired for […]

Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind From the middle of July to the middle of October, a total of three months, Buddhist monks throughout Thailand will perform Buddhist Lent. It is a time when monks return to their temples for the duration of the rainy season where they spend their time meditating. Devotees make merit […]

Father Ray Children’s Home Almost every Saturday afternoon a small group of boys from the Father Ray Children’s Home attend cooking classes. This past week a visiting group of university students from China spent the afternoon cooking Chinese food, and as soon as the children found out that help was needed to make Chinese dumplings […]

Father Ray Children’s Home With the Chinese nation becoming the second largest economy in the world, the people of Thailand know that knowledge of the Chinese language can only be of benefit. Each Saturday morning whilst most of the residents of the Father Ray Children’s Home are learning English, a small group of children are […]

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