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Brother Denis Gervais 9th June 1945 – 8th June 2018 Brother Denis Gervais C.Ss.R., Vice President and Treasurer of the Father Ray Foundation, has died at the age of 72 following a long battle with cancer. Denis Gervais was born in 1945, the youngest of four children in the town of Louiseville in Quebec, Canada. He spent his early years […]

Father Ray Day Care Center When the school year came to an end in late March the older children at the Day Care Center said their farewells as they would be entering the local government school kindergardens when the new school year opened. But this weekend they returned for a graduation ceremony, and all of […]

Father Ray Children’s Home Every four years when it is almost time for the football World Cup to start we hold a draw where all the children at the Home get to pick a team, and if their team wins the competition, or comes in second or third place then we all go and have […]

Father Ray Foundation It is important that all our children are in the best of health is they want to do well in their studies. Therefore each year we make sure that all our students and children have an eye test. We don’t want our children not to be able to see what they are reading […]

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