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Father Ray Children’s Home We are half way through the school summer holidays. It is hot, the children are getting bored and so what better way to cool them all down and give them a fun day out to take them to Pattaya Park. Huge pools, even bigger water slides, inflatables, food and lots of […]

Father Ray Foundation Although the Thai New Year festival of Songkran officially takes only three days, here at the Foundation we first celebrated it on the 8th of April and today, the 19th, it is the final day. This morning it was the turn of Father Michael to wash the statue of Father Ray, dress […]

Father Ray Children’s Village For the 10 boys from the Children’s Village who are currently living as novice monks at the local Buddhist temple, they have to follow ten strict rules. One of these rules is that they must not eat after 12 noon. No dinner, no snacks, nothing. So lunch is the last meal […]

Father Ray Foundation The Thai New Year festival of Songkran starts each year on the 13th of April. It has become famous around the world as the water festival, and people arrive in Thailand at this time of year to have fun and throw water. But there is a serious side to Songkran, and a […]

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