Father Ray Children’s VillageThe mission and aim of the Father Ray Children’s Village is to offer orphaned, abandoned & neglected, homeless and abused children a home: a home where they will live with ‘brothers and sisters’ under the watchful eye of a caring ‘mother’.

The Father Ray Children’s Village offers a home where children will be safe, where they will feel loved and one where they will feel not just part of a family, but also part of a community. They will have a home where they can grow into young adults and become decent members of society.

Living with a family will give each child the individual care that all children need. They will receive the love and attention that all children require, and they will have a sense of belonging; they will belong to a family.


Father Ray Children’s VillageAll children need an education, and the children living at the Fr. Ray Village are no different.

Each morning school buses transport the children to their kindergarten, nurseries and schools.

The children, as they get older, will have to choose what they want to study when it is time for them to leave school. As yet, Pattaya has no educational establishments that offer higher and degree level courses, so young people wishing to attend vocational school, college or university live in accommodations closer to their campuses, usually in nearby Chonburi or further away in Bangkok. But, wherever they go to study they will return home to the village on weekends and holidays.


Father Ray Children’s VillageAll children living at the Father Ray Children’s Village are registered as residents in the Pattaya area, therefore they are eligible to receive subsidized health care.

Like most families a mother can recognize when a child is unwell. Our mothers all have training in basic first aid, and the children also receive regular dental and eye examinations.


Father Ray Children’s VillageThe Village contains houses which have become homes for the children. Each house can accommodate up to eight children and their ‘mother’. Each house has bedrooms, for boys and for girls, several bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining area for family me als and a living area with a TV.

Behind the houses there is farm where the children grow fruits and vegetables, ensuring they receive the freshest food available.

An old African proverb states that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. The lucky children who have found a home at the Father Ray Children’s Village will grow up knowing what it is like to be part of a loving family and a happy community.