Father Ray Outreach Work & Drop-In Center

Father Ray Outreach Work & Drop-In CenterThe Father Ray Outreach Work & Drop-In Center opened in February 2004. Its aim is to offer and provide help to those children and young people living on the streets of Pattaya. It also helps those children who are at risk following a break up of the family unit.

There are many reasons why children and young people come to Pattaya, end up living on the streets and arrive at the Drop-In Center seeking help. While some have run away from poverty, abuse and neglect, others come from broken families and are unwanted by either parent or other family members. Some children have been brought to the Center by the local authorities or the police after being abused by family members or members of the public, both Thai and foreign.

Father Ray Outreach Work & Drop-In CenterSome of our children have been trafficked from neighboring countries and have been rescued from the sex industry. Very poor families know that the child will have a better chance in life if they live at the Father Ray Foundation.

The Drop-In Center is a temporary place of residence, and the children and young people live at the Center until a more suitable permanent place of residence can be found. Many children have come to live at the Father Ray Children’s Village while others have moved into the Father Ray Children’s Home.

The Half Way House provides semi-independent accommodation to older boys who have graduated from local vocational schools, are seeking employment or who have found suitable work but still need support so they do not return to their previous lives. The Drop-In Center encourages teenage boys to return to school or attend non-formal education classes to complete their basic education.Father Ray Outreach Work & Drop-In Center